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Our Food Products

At Earth.Food.Love we have over 100 organic, loose, self-serve products for you to choose from. This includes cereals, pulses, legumes, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, dried herbs, dried spices, loose-leaf teas, flour and sugar. It isn’t only dried food that is available; we also have a variety of liquid goods such as oils, vinegars and syrups.

Why organic?

We believe organic farming is the natural way and ‘organic food’ should in fact just be called ‘food’, allowing the pesticide-laden stuff to take the burden of an adjective. So rest assured that everything sold in this shop is as nature intended, organic.

Lets go nuts!

By far, the stars of the show are our two nut butter machines. These allow you to grind your own nut butter right into your jar, which you can re-use again and again. The ingredients are simply organic dry roasted nuts! No nasty extras, no palm oil and no salt. We always have peanut butter and almond butter available other than Tuesdays where the almonds get replaced by cashews (cashewsdays!). *Warning you might eat the contents before you get home…seriously the best nut butter you’ll ever taste!!

Choosing what to stock before we initially opened was really tricky, but we always knew we wanted to be flexible and listen to you, the people. We welcomed your suggestions and have extended our product range significantly over the past year. By popular demand we now have; pine nuts, pisatchios, mulberries, fenugreek seed, coffee beans, semolina, pinto beans, red rice, white vinegar, tamari, cashew butter and much more. We even have stock in the back that’s for certain customers, as we don’t have enough room to display it.

There were some products that people requested that we couldn’t source in bulk, so we reached out to some companies and told them our mission and we are so happy to report that some of these (big) companies listened to (little) us and they now offer bulk. We would like to give special thanks to The Raw Chocolate Company, Cornish Seaweed Company and Clearspring.