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Our Food Products

At Earth.Food.Love we have over 100 organic, loose, self-serve products for you to choose from. This includes cereals, pulses, legumes, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, dried herbs, dried spices, loose-leaf teas, flour and sugar. It isn’t only dried food that is available; we also have a variety of liquid goods such as oils, vinegars and syrups.

Why organic?

We believe organic farming is the natural way and ‘organic food’ should in fact just be called ‘food’, allowing the pesticide-laden stuff to take the burden of an adjective. So rest assured that everything sold in this shop is as nature intended, organic.

Lets go nuts!

By far our most popular attraction of the shop is the ‘grind-your-own’ nut butter machines. Filled with both almonds and peanuts, you can re-use your nut butter jar again and again and again. Each time filling it with delicious, sticky goodness that’s been ground right in front of you. *Warning: you may eat contents before you’ve returned home- oops!