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Friday 15th June 2018

Camp kindly this summer

 The days are longer, the evenings warmer and school is nearly out for the summer. A family camping trip is the perfect time to connect with each other and nature, but in recent years the ‘disposable products’ market has boomed convincing people that they need more stuff and remarkably glamourized the convenience of disposable. We have such beautiful areas throughout the UK that are bursting with flora and fauna and if we want the privilege of sleeping amongst this, it is our job to be as discrete as we can. So how can we camp, kindly?

1) Ditch the toxic sunscreen: Every time you smother those chemicals over your skin, you’re not only damaging yourself but also putting marine life and coral in danger if you go for a swim. Did you know Hawaii has now banned sunscreen? There are safer, natural sunscreens on the market. Wearing long sleeved cotton t-shirts and hats is always a good solution, andmaybe seeking shade during midday.

2) Be prepared: spork, coffee cup, tiffin, metal straw… pop these in your beach bag along  with your towel and you’ll be able to avoid many single use plastics.

3) BBQ in style: There are many ‘mini’ BBQ’s available from a variety of stores, these are  often compact, sturdy but more importantly…re-useable. It can be used every summer. There’s no need to buy the  disposable (plastic-wrapped) foil throwaway BBQ’s.

4) Moon time; If you expect to have your moon time whilst on holiday, packing a moon cup is  essential. There is no trash created whatsoever. There are no facilities needed, the cup can be  rinsed out and re-used again and again. It allows you to be active too, so no missing out on all the  watersports and treks.

5) Take real soap; a bar of soap for the body and a shampoo bar for the hair. No clunky plastic  bottles wasting space in your backpack.

6) Buy cheap, buy twice; the saying really is true, if we buy mass produced, cheaply made plastic toys and games, they will more than likely not last longer than the holiday and be left on the beach or in the bin. Invest in some good quality family games such as wooden cricket sets, wooden skittles and ropes (can be used for skipping/limb and knot tying).

7) Plastic free meals; challenge your family to be creative this summer holiday, visit the local green   grocers and  buy as much unwrapped fresh food as you can. Eat in local  cafes  and restaurants, this supports small businesses and saves you buying pre-packed food. If you’re  visiting  the South West of England, then save your empty jars and pop into Earth.Food.Love to shop zero  waste.

It is such a blessing to be able to swim in the ocean, climb trees, watch the sunset and sleep under the      stars. Just remember to;

‘Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.'

Happy Camping!