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Our story


Hi, I’m Nicola & I’m Richard and this is our daughter, Willow. We are passionate about the Earth we live on, the Food we eat and we believe everything should be built on Love. We are only just beginning our zero-waste journey, we are not perfect but each day we strive to be a better version of the people we were the day before. We thrive in learning new things and tackle challenges with passion and enthusiasm.

We have a vision for the kind of world we want our children to grow up in and this shop is helping to make that a reality. It is with pride that we open our doors to you, as we work together as a community in creating a healthier planet.


Not so long ago, living a fast-paced city life in an apartment block that had no recycling facilities we soon began to notice the accumulation of recycling we (as a family of 2) created each week. It was during these trips to and from the recycling plant that we thought ‘there must be another way?’ Each shopping trip then became a frustrating ordeal, as we so desperately tried to avoid unnecessary (and often toxic!) packaging.

Living gently on this planet can be approached from many different angles; having shorter showers, cycling to work and ditching the aerosols, but what if changing the way you shop becomes the most powerful form of activism that you do? Every time you make a purchase, you cast a vote for the kind of world you wish to live in. We want that world to be sustainable, clean and thriving for our future generations to enjoy.

We look forward to you joining us on this mission; together we can be the generation of change!

                                                                        ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’