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Sunday 28th May 2017

Time flies when you're having fun!

 We are 3 months old and what a blast it has been. Although so new, we feel like we have existed forever. The shop has become a real hub within the community; we are lucky to have so many customers that bring such cheer and joy with them to the shop. Plus, we get excited to come to work, how awesome is that?!

We also value your opinion and have been taking on board all the feedback and requests from you, the customer. So hold tight as we make final preparations this week before the launch of some new products. It is a mixture of food and non-food items that will further add to your zero waste experience.

Our last blog post was on the issue surrounding our cleaning products and we are happy to see how many of you are just as passionate about the chemicals you use (or don’t use) as we are. The Greenscents products have proven very popular, so thank-you for supporting such great companies.

You may have also noticed our new advert in the latest issue of ‘Reconnect’, we enjoy working with a local illustrator that portrays our messages in a fun, friendly way. This advert highlights how any container can be used; yogurt pot, mason jar, cloth bag…we welcome them all.

Finally, after 3 months of hard work and long days, we realised we need an extra pair of hands. We are happy to welcome Ric to our team, you’ll find him in the shop on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Thank-you for your continued support,
Richard, Nicola, Willow and Ric ☺