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Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Rob Greenfield Talk

We are excited to announce that we have been in contact with Rob Greenfield. He is an adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian and author of ‘Dude Making a Difference’. His recent ‘Trash Me’ campaign consisted of him eating and consuming like the average American, except he wore all the trash he created. This highlighted the vast quantity of trash that gets used without second thought each day by just one person. Rob has also cycled across America (twice); each time spreading awareness on how we each need to take responsibility to protect, conserve and nurture our planet for future generations. This year he is doing a TEDtalk in Paris and then continuing to visit places around Europe to educate and inspire along the way. He lives a near zero waste life and is currently living with just 111 possesions, we reached out to him to visit our shop and he kindly accepted. He will be staying at our home, spending some time in the shop and he is even eager to get involved in the share shed, which is due to open in Totnes on April 8th.

His book is a great read that fills you with faith that there is a better way and enthusiasm that you can be a part of the change. On April 9th he will be speaking at ‘The Royal Seven Stars Hotel’ at 2.30pm, this will then be followed by a Q&A with Rob and also a chance to mingle with ourselves and other people in the community. If you’re interested in the event, tickets can be purchased in advance from the shop or from the venue. Each ticket is £3 (kids go free) and all profits will be donated to the Surfers against Sewage #plasticfreecoastline campaign.