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Tuesday 15th August 2017

Plastic Free July Recap

 We were really impressed with how enthusiastic the response was to the #plasticfreejuly event. Talking about the alternatives to single-use plastic is a positive way of tackling plastic pollution.
We had several requests to provide a consolidated list of the tips that we posted on our social media pages. So below we have compiled our top 31 tips to ditch disposable plastic.

Day 1: Buy your fresh produce loose, much easier if you support your local green grocer or market.
Day2: Carry re-useable cutlery with you in your bag, your car and keep some at work.
Day3: Ditch bin bags! Simply sort your waste into categories; paper, plastic, glass, compost and landfill.
Day4: Refuse the plastic bag. Take a re-useable, ask for a box or carry them loose.
Day5: Bread! Bake your own or support a bakers.
Day6: Body hair; use a reusable razor, waxing, threading or embrace your body hair.
Day7: Take your own containers to the deli counters for hummus/olives etc.
Day8: Use your own containers when ordering from a take-away restaurant.
Day9: Use washable wipes.
Day10: Purchase plastic-free toilet roll such as ‘Who Gives Crap?’
Day11: Switch from liquid soap to bar soap.
Day12: Avoid plastic children’s toys or buy second hand.
Day13: Menstruation. Use cloth pads of menstrual cups.
Day14: Buy second hand/used items from charity shops, markets and online apps.
Day15: Find a snack alternative to crisps, popcorn being an easy substitute.
Day16: Educate yourself by watching all the recent documentaries about plastic pollution.
Day17: Buy flowers from a florist and not a supermarket or petrol station.
Day18: Learn furoshiki to wrap your gifts instead of paper and tape.
Day19: Contraception. Using natural cycles app that measure basal body temperature.
Day20: Bunting not balloons.
Day21: Ditch deodorant or alternatively buy from a brand such as earth conscious (or make your own).
Day22: Replace tea bags with loose leaf tea.
Day23: Homemade body care from kitchen ingredients.
Day24: Homemade food instead of ready-made store bought meals/snacks.
Day25: Cloth nappies.
Day26: Cling film alternatives such as beeswax wraps or tupperware.
Day27: Ice cream made from frozen bananas!
Day28: Say no to plastic straws. Carry a reusable with you.
Day29: Brush with bamboo
Day30: Preparation; take your reusables with you everywhere and plan your meals for the week.
Day31: REFUSE to be a part of the problem. Take personal responsibility for your actions.

To read more in depth about each suggested tip, head over to our Facebook or Instagram page. Remember that the first week in September is Zero Waste Week so incorporating the above tips into your life now will be good practice.